Cepheus Engine SRD

Welcome to the Cepheus Engine System Reference Document, which outlines the core rules used by a Classic Era Science Fiction 2D6-Based Open Gaming System.

You can get the Cepheus Engine SRD and Vehicle Design System documents in PDF and modifiable DOCX format from DriveThruRPG.com. If you'd like a print copy, Moon Toad Publishing offer the rulebook print-on-demand. The source code for this HTML version is available on GitHub.

Cepheus Engine and Samardan Press are trademarks of Jason "Flynn" Kemp


SRD Proofreading: Jeff Hopper

Vehicle Design System Proofreading & Playtesting: Richard Hazlewood, Omer G. Joel, Michael Johnson, Donavan Lambertus, Ian Stead

Conversion to HTML format: Steve Simenic

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