Chapter 6: Uncommon Vehicles

This section describes some of the uncommon vehicles that might be encountered in Cepheus Engine campaigns. These are not the only types of vessels that exist, and creative Referees are encouraged to integrate ships of their own creation or from other sources as they see fit.

TL8 Tunnel Boring Machine

Using a closed four-ton chassis (0 Hull, 1 Structure, Armor 3), the Tunnel Boring Machine is a machine used to excavate tunnels with a circular cross section through a variety of soil and rock strata. It carries a Gas Turbine engine, Code G, and a Mole propulsion system, Code G, giving a top speed of 100 meters/hour, a cruising speed of 75 meters/hour and an Agility DM of -4. 0.68 kiloliters of hydrocarbons support the power plant for 2 days. This vehicle is equipped with Basic controls, a Class II communication system (Very Distant), Standard sensors (DM -2), and a Model 1 computer. There is one extended cockpit. The tunnel boring machine is equipped with hostile environmental protection and 10 days of basic life support. Cargo capacity is 14.79 kiloliters. The vehicle requires a crew of one: the pilot. The vehicle can carry up to one other passenger in the extended cockpit. The vehicle costs KCr282.650 (including discounts and fees) and takes 36 hours to build.

Table: TL8 Tunnel Boring Machine Design Specifications
Category Component Spaces Price(Cr) Notes
Chassis Base 48 6250 Code 8
Configuration Closed
Environmental Protection (Hostile) -3 240000
Power Plant Gas Turbine -4.5 637.5 Code G
Propulsion Mole -14 54600 Code G
Fuel Hydrocarbons -0.68 561.744 Fuel capacity = 48 hours
Controls Basic -1 0
Communications Class II -0.02 1000 Very Distant (50 km)
Accommodations Extended Cockpit -4 2000 Two crew (pilot, passenger)
Basic Life Support -3 3500 Last 10 days
Cargo -14.79
TOTALS 0 314049.244 Cr282,650 with Std Design Discount